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Welcome to BlackBullsK!

Breeding kennel specialized in American Bully founded in 2018.

Our story

Our Kennel was founded in 2018, after contact with the breed and two years of research, we chose the dogs that most pleased us to bring to the herd. With the maturation of the dogs and our contact with the breeding deepening, we felt that that affection and love acquired with our AUmigos (our staff) should be propagated. So, with help and planning, we have since been selecting dogs within the permitted standards of the breed, which are primal characteristics for us such as temperament, behavior, morphology, coat and stature. Thus developing a work of genetic improvement aimed at dogs docile and friendly to human contact, with priority health and well-being, combining the best of the breed with the domestic pet.


Genetic improvement aimed at the development of dogs with predictable temperament and behavior, always prioritizing animal health and well-being and following breed standards according to the entities our kennel is affiliated with.


We follow the animal welfare recommendations proposed by the OIE: World Organization for Animal Health.


Our dogs follow the standards of the affiliated entities IBC (International Bully Coallition) and ABBR (American Bully Brazil Registry) so all of our dogs follow the standards determined by such entities and are subject to litter registrations at them. *

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